Corsair Nautilus500 water cooler for CPU’s

Designed with enthusiasts and beginning users in mind, the new Corsair Nautilus500 brings ease of use and performance in one small package. Beginning users benefit from the QuickInstall design that allows any user to install the complete kit without having to remove the motherboard from the case. Enthusiasts enjoy 30% more CPU and 40% more GPU cooling efficiency (compared to air cooling) without excessive noise. The all copper CPU water block using Micro Channel Technology provides maximum heat absorption and most efficient heat transfer. Fan speed can be adjusted to suit individual needs. For mobility-minded users and LAN party gamers, the Corsair Nautilus500 kit include quick connect self-sealing connectors to avoid having to drain the liquid during transport. (This also helps during initial installation).

The Corsair Nautilus500 complete kit can be used on any processor type including Intel(r) LGA775, socket 478 and AMD(r) sockets 754, 939 and 940.
Via Corsair