Datalock an information security product

Datalock (USB Memory) developed and sold by T.T.T. Co., Ltd.Japan is a USB memory device including a new information security function that encrypts and stores the data within a personal computer and is designed so that the content cannot be viewed unless one’s own Datalock (USB Memory) is used. The Datalock is plugged into a personal computer and the data within the DVD and personal computer will then be encrypted. The Datalock is individually encrypted, and perusal of the data will only be possible by the person using the Datalock. Also, because a USB memory stick cannot be used without a personal identification number, security can be applied twofold.

Datalock (USB Memory) device measures 73 x 19 x 6 mm, weigh 5 g and will be available in Japan from August 5th for approximately 20,000 yen($). T.T.T. Datalock offers easy storage, transport, and PC connectivity along with high security and convenience in a peripheral device.