Dell XPS 27 All-in-One PC delivers one of the world’s most vibrant touchscreen AIO experience

New Dell XPS systems feature performance and expandability enhancements over the previous generation for customers that demand the latest high-performance technology. The new XPS 27 All-in-One PC comes with two different Haswell processor options: the i5 or the i7. The new XPS 27 features Intel’s latest integrated video (HD 4600) for a pretty big boost in overall performance vs. the previous generation. And for more graphics power, Dell offer s the NVidia GeForce GT 750M graphics card option with 2GB RAM. The new Dell XPS 27 All-in-One PC features four USB 3.0 ports for fast access to external peripherals, and we added a Thunderbolt/ mini-HD port to the mix for even more flexibility.

The display on the new XPS 27 features Adobe RGB technology which broadens the spectrum of colors, improving the sRGB rating from 72% on the previous display to 99% on the new one. This increase provides a near true color experience. Dell also increased the maximum brightness on the new XPS 27 to 350 nits—up from 300. For those interested in Dell Haswell-equipped business PCs, check out Brett McAnally’s post. The new XPS 27 starts at $1,599.99.

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