Dell XPS 730 H2C the most advanced gaming desktop in the World

Dell has raised the performance bar yet again with the launch of the XPSTM 730 H2C edition, a premier gaming desktop that is one of the most advanced gaming platforms on the planet. With support for optional quad-core processors, quad GPU graphics solutions and up to four hard drives, the Dell XPS 730 is more than ready to deliver an immersive experience and ensure gamer’s pwn their opponents in the most demanding PC games available today. The air-cooled Dell XPS 730 (starting at $3,999) and XPS 730 H2C (starting at $4,999) bring together some of the top bleeding-edge performance technologies gamers crave, such as: The new NVIDIA nforce 790i Ultra SLI chipset with standard ATX motherboard, one of the industry’s most overclockable1 platforms for Intel processors.

External chassis armor choices include premium materials like 2.4mm anodized aluminum on the XPS 730 H2C in Victory Red and Stealth Blue or brushed aluminum in Silver on the air-cooled XPS 730. Each can be configured with an optional X-View clear side panel that allows sneak peeks at the high performance components, and is easy to remove for upgrades.