Dell XPSTM 420 multimedia desktop PC

Dell XPSTM 420 is a premium multimedia desktop PC that features Dell-exclusive Adobe Elements Studio software pre-installed, including Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 & Premiere Elements 4 software as well as Adobe Soundbooth CS3 – to simplify multimedia creativity whether it’s producing a slide show, editing a family video or cleaning up audio recordings. Dell XPS 420 is powered by multi-core Intel processors and choice of ATI and NVIDIA graphics card to make fast work of complex digital media creating, editing and capturing activities. Gadget enthusiasts will appreciate that the XPS 420 incorporates Microsoft’s SideShow technology to desktop PCs. The small color display integrated into the front panel provides easy access to stored media, certain system functions and standard Windows SideShow “gadgets” without using the keyboard or mouse. Standard gadgets include date and time default screen, Audio Playback, Picture Slideshow, Video Playback and PC Monitor.

The Dell XPS 420 design blends form and function with a focus on convenience. The glossy black front and top panels blend seamlessly with home theater systems, and feature easily accessible input/output ports. For consumers who want portable devices ready to go on the spur of the moment, the top of the XPS 420 features a specially designed storage area with built in cable management to charge and dock portable devices. The Dell XPS 420 is available from $1,499.