Detailed Overview Video of Asus Matrix GTX 980 Platinum

At ASUS PC DIY there’s a new video completely detailing the Matrix GTX 980 – from packaging, to card spec, to disassembly and engineering discussion to live overclocking performance! The chapter marks are linked below the video so as the reader can jump to a particular area of his interest.

Chapter breakdown of Matrix GTX 980:
0:08 – Introduction
1:20 – Packaging
1:50 – Accessories
3:19 – Maxwell & GTX 980 Architecture
9:45 – Specifications
11:25 – External desgin and display connectivity
17:42 – Disassembly
18:52 – Analysis and breakdown of heat sink and fan assembly
21:00 – Internal analysis and breakdown of PCB, VRM and power topology
28:00 – Thermal performance and fan duty information
33:50 – Overclocking
38:50 – Wrap up and conclusion.

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