Digital Cowboy notebook cooler

Digital Cowboy, Japan has launched CRF-102 notebook cooler. The notebook cooler is designed to elevate the notebook at an angle, increasing airflow and dispersing the heat from underneath, hence avoiding overheating.The powerful 22 cm square fan with 600 rpm is powered from the computers USB port, avoiding the need to carry around any bulky AC adapters. The noise level is 18 to 20 dB only. The design is very ergonomic and lets the wrists align more naturally when typing, increasing user comfort.

The Digital Cowboy CRF-102 notebook cooler measures 300 x 270 x 25mm, weigh 750 g and is 15 degrees and 32 degrees in two stages tilt angle adjustable. Lightweight, portable, and stylish, this makes the Digital Cowboy CRF-102 a perfect companion for your notebook when on the go or at home. .The cooler is available in Japan for approximately 5,000 Yen ($45).