Donya announces virtual touch pad projection mouse

Donya Japan today announced the sale of virtual touch pad projection mouse. The mouse can be controlled by finger movement. To use the mouse, user has to place the product on a plane surface such as a desk. The built-in projector projects the virtual touch pad on the surface. Gesture operations can be done by using fingers.

Virtual_touchpad_JapanLike ordinary touch pad, user can scroll images up and down using fingers and scroll left, right etc. Also images can be enlarged, reduction in pinch/pinch out is also possible. The size of touch pad projection is 80 × 80mm.
Virtual_touchpad_contentsThe virtual touch pad measure 43.5 × 24 × 52.4mm (width × depth × height) and weighs 40g. It is available on line for approximately 9,999 yen ($83).

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