EIZO Accelerates Sustainability Efforts by Transitioning to Cardboard and Molded Pulp Packaging for Several of Its Monitors

EIZO will begin to transition from using environmentally-unfriendly packaging materials, such as styrofoam and plastic, to more sustainable cardboard and molded pulp. A total of seven models from the RadiForce and FlexScan monitor lineups, including the most recently announced FlexScan monitors, utilize to the environmentally-friendly packaging. In June 2021, EIZO released the medical monitor RadiForce RX370, which was the first of its products to use recycled molded pulp in its packaging instead of conventional recycled styrofoam or plastic.

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The processes needed to produce petroleum-derived polystyrene foam and plastics emit more CO2 compared to plant-derived paper materials. Based on EIZO’s calculations of CO2 emissions, transitioning to sustainable packaging utilizing paper materials reduces related CO2 emissions by approximately 21% for the 27-inch EV2795, 4% for the 24.1-inch EV2495 and EV2485, and 6% for the 23.8-inch EV2480 compared to a conventional packing material.

Some cables may be non-essential depending on the user’s configuration. Each monitor includes an AC power cord and the most essential signal cables in an aim to reduce unused, excess cables and eliminate unnecessary waste. Furthermore, the cables are wrapped in environmentally-friendly pulp sheet instead of plastic bags. The EIZO monitor cabinets also boast sustainability as part of their design. EIZO’s EV2485’s housing is made of 66.6% recycled plastic. This cuts down on the amount of plastic waste going into the environment, conserves resources, and promotes reuse of materials for preserving the natural ecosystem.

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