EIZO announces a 23-inch 10-point multitouch monitor with full HD resolution

EIZO today announced the DuraVision FDF2382WT-A – a 23-inch multitouch monitor featuring projected capacitive (PCAP) touch technology for seamless operation in industrial, medical, and public access environments. The DuraVision FDF2382WT-A monitor accepts touch input from a bare finger or stylus and can detect up to 10 simultaneous touches. High responsiveness to tapping, swiping, and flicking motions makes touch operation intuitive and smooth.

The DuraVision FDF2382WT-A monitor is equipped with palm rejection which allows users to rest their hand directly on the screen without causing any unintended touch input. Furthermore, the DuraVision FDF2382WT-A is equipped with technology which calibrates the touch sensitivity to minimize incorrect touch response due to environmental factors and electromagnetic noise. This ensures that the screen maintains accurate touch interaction during use.

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The DuraVision FDF2382WT-A’s screen has a non-scratch surface made of reinforced glass with a hardness of 5H, making it durable for long-term use in environments which require frequent touch interaction, such as in kiosks or as part of a touch console in factories and other industrial applications. In addition, the monitor can withstand temperatures ranging from 5 – 35°C for reliable use in harsh environments.

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The fully flat design of the monitor enables seamless touch operation across the screen and allows for easy cleaning. The reclining stand provides flexible positioning that allows the monitor to rest on the desk and recline back by 15 to 70 degrees.