EIZO announces two 25.5-inch panel mount marine monitors for ECDIS / RADAR applications

EIZO today announced the DuraVision FDU2602W and FDU2602WT, two 25.5-inch panel mount marine monitors for use with ECDIS / RADAR applications. The FDU2602W and FDU2602WT are developed for ECDIS / RADAR applications, offering high visibility and resilience in harsh maritime environments. Both monitors meet the conditions for temperature, humidity, and vibration as defined in the IEC 60945 international standard for maritime navigation and radio communication. The IP65 rating ensures they are protected against ingress and low-pressure water jets. The FDU2602WT features a projected capacitive touch panel that accepts touch input from a bare hand or special stylus and supports multi-touch operation. The touch screen is also resistant to dust and water droplets to minimize unintended input.
To minimize the influence of environmental lighting on the operator’s perception of color, EIZO offers r an optical bonding option for both monitors. Optical bonding increases light transmission and significantly reduces screen reflections. This provides exceptional visibility even when viewing the monitor in direct sunlight. Optical bonding also prevents condensation that causes screens to become foggy; a common occurrence in environments with extreme temperature changes. A screen with optical bonding is also more resistant to applied pressure, giving it increased physical durability.

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