EIZO launches 15-inch square monitor- FlexScan S1503

EIZO today announced the FlexScan S1503, a 15-inch square monitor with a 1024 x 768 native resolution. The FlexScan S1503 uses an energy-saving LED backlight and comes with EIZO’s five-year manufacturer’s warranty. It offers excellent visibility with maximum 400 cd/m2 brightness and an ambient brightness sensor that automatically adjusts the screen to the ideal brightness level under any ambient lightning condition. Several preset modes including sRGB, Text, and Custom (user-defined settings) are included for viewing comfort. A modulated light adjustment function prevents flicker at low brightness settings to reduce eye fatigue.

With an energy-saving LED backlight, the FlexScan S1503 uses only 6 watts during typical operation. The LED backlight does not contain any mercury for minimal environmental impact when the monitor is eventually disposed of. The release of the FlexScan S1503 ensures EIZO will continue to offer a stable supply of 15-inch monitors for customers that need to retrofit their legacy systems.

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