Elcom CD/DVD media data crusher SCR-CD001

You shred sensitive documents for security but what do you do with CD/DVD media that contain sensitive data? The Elcom CD/DVD media data crusher “SCR-CD001” is your answer. This USB powered CD/DVD crusher takes only 5 seconds to permanently destroys both surfaces of CDs, DVDs and other CD-size disks rendering the data-bearing surfaces unreadable.

untitled.jpgThere is no need to break your data disks any more. The Elecom CD/DVD media data crusher SCR-CD001 measures 60×120×50mm,weighs 130g and will be available from late November for 3,150 Yen.($26).
Via Elecom (Japanese)

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  1. ChUzEk

    Another sure fire means of destroying CDs and DVDs is by placing them in a microwave. Similar to the Media Crusher, this process leaves a very artistic design, though not as symmetrical as this device creates.

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