Elecom SX-CLO5SV USB-Powered 3-Fan Laptop Cooling Pad

Elecom SX-CL05SV is an excellent cooling pad for notebooks with three built-in fans for easy thermal heat dissipation, keeping your notebook from getting too hot. Simply plug it into your USB port and keep your laptop cool and operating efficiently. The laptop cooler is made from aluminum for excellent heat transfer. The depth of the laptop cooler can be adjusted from 167 to 246 mm according to the size of the laptop. The flow of air speed can be adjusted also. Once the three fans are turned on, they will quietly whir the heat away from your laptop at a rate of 2400 RPM, producing 8.25 CFM × 3 of airflow. Please note since the unit is powered entirely by USB port, you can drain your already weak battery even more when trying to keep cool on the go.

Hot air is sucked in from the bottom of the laptop and exhausted through the opening on the rear. The laptop cooler comes with an On/Off switch also. The Elecom SX-CL05SV laptop cooler is made from ABS resin with a groove lined surface which makes it super light, weighing only 634 g, yet light enough to take everywhere. The laptop cooler is compatible with A4 size note books and is available in Japan for approximately 5,670 yen ($56).