Epson Develops Next-Generation Inkjet Print Head

Seiko Epson Corporation has succeeded in developing a thin-film piezo element that boasts the world’s highest degree of distortion. The new ink ejection nozzles has a density of 360 dpi, which is double that of the company’s existing product. The print head makes it possible to design speedier and more compact inkjet printers. Compared to other inkjet systems, Micro Piezo technology offers superior ink ejection performance, compatibility with a wide variety of inks, and durability. The Micro Piezo print head is not only suitable for functions ranging from consumer applications to commercial and industrial applications, but it also offers outstanding cost effectiveness due to its high degree of reliability and production volume efficiency

Volume production of next-generation Micro Piezo print heads that feature these elements as actuators will be launched in April 2007. Although the company has not specified the type of printers on which it will mount the print head at the moment, it seems industrial printers focusing on the printing speed will mount it.