Epson S1C17701 New 16-bit RISC MCU with 16 MB memory

070827chip.jpgEpson has developed the S1C17701, a new 16-bit RISC MCU which contains 16 MB of memory space and features low power consumption and circuit size equivalent to an 8-bit microcontroller. The S1C17701 is a single-chip microcontroller featuring on-chip Flash ROM and a high-resolution dot matrix LCD driver. With 64 KB of Flash ROM, the product is ideal for software development and evaluation activities. Epson has utilized the low power consumption technology developed for its watch applications to achieve low current consumption (typically 2.5 µA during standby mode) and enable high-speed operation (8.2 MHz) with low operation voltage (1.8 V). In most cases, this product will allow customers currently using 8-bit microcontrollers to enjoy higher performance with the same power consumption.

In addition, it will enable customers already using 16-bit microcontrollers to benefit from longer battery life as a result of low operating voltage. Shipments of Epson S1C17701 samples will commence in September 2007. Volume shipments, with a monthly output of 500,000 units, are scheduled to begin in October 2007.