Epson Voice Guidance Chip Avoids Need for Studio Recording

Epson has developed a new voice guidance audio decoder chip for embedded applications. Featuring audio codec using advanced algorithms, high-accuracy D/A converter matching and the popular Voice Text MISAKI voice data recording tool with high-quality voice production, the Epson S1V30320 makes it possible to create guidance that is easy on the ears. In response to control commands from a host, the Epson S1V30320 decodes voice data stored in the built-in ROM and produces voice output via an integral high-accuracy 16 bit D/A converter. Since it uses a message protocol based on a clock synchronous serial interface, the chip can be easily integrated with a wide range of host devices and microcontrollers

The Epson S1V30320 also supports AAC LC as well as ADPCM audio codec, enabling the creation of high-sound-quality systems with small data volumes. A special tool allows users to edit voice guidance messages on a PC, doing away with the bother of studio recording and making voice guidance systems easy to develop. RAM space is also available for voice data, enabling messages to be added quickly.

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