Exclusive ASUS Motherboard Technologies Brings out more Vista Enjoyment

news012.jpgWith the release date of Windows Vista drawing ever closer, ASUS is now offering 4 motherboard models that are designed especially for the new operating system. Packed with ASUS special features like ScreenDUO, AI Remote, AP Trigger, TPM and ASAP (ASUS Accelerated Propeller), ASUS is proud to be the first motherboard manufacturer in the industry to attain the Windows Vista Premium logo as well as the one who enriches Windows Vista the most. The ScreenDUO provides a second display panel to enable the user to conveniently view important information without having to start up the PC. ScreenDUO can synchronize information from the PC or websites; display RSS messages, meeting schedules and other important information. This saves the user time and hassle to switch on the PC every time to view vital information.

news0123.jpgTotal control from the comfort of the couch is what AI Remote provides. With just the touch of a button, the user can quickly perform computer activities such as switching the PC ON/OFF; launching favorite applications by enabling the AP Trigger function; or controlling AI Gear and AI Nap. Furthermore, the AI Remote gives the user the versatility of a traditional remote on media player. With an ASUS AI Remote, the user can accomplish so much more with the PC from a distance. Models available are- M2N32-SLI Premium Vista Edition and M2N-Plus Vista Edition for AMDAthlon 64 FX CPU, model P5B Premium Vista Edition and P5B-Plus Vista Edition for Intel Core 2 Quad CPU.