Fujifilm manufactures over 100 Million LTO Ultrium Data cartridges- enough to wrap around the globe 1,653 times

Fujifilm announced today that it has manufactured over 100 million LTO (Linear Tape-Open) Ultrium data cartridges since its release of the first generation of LTO in 2000. This equates to over 53 thousand petabytes of data storage and more than 41 million miles of tape, enough to wrap around the globe 1,653 times. Since 2000, Fujifilm has led the development of large-capacity LTO Ultrium data tape for backup and archival applications. The most recent FUJIFILM LTO Ultrium 6 Data Cartridge is based on Fujifilm’s NANOCUBIC technology and incorporates Barium Ferrite (BaFe) particles, with superior performance and longer archival life compared to conventional metal particle (MP) tape.

BaFe particles are also used in the production of large multi-terabyte enterprise system data tape, supporting the needs of various customers in diverse industries for their large volume back-up and archival needs. In January 2010, Fujifilm and IBM Corporation announced a world record in data density on linear magnetic tape of 29.5 billion bits per square inch using Barium Ferrite particles. This demonstrated the potential of a high capacity tape cartridge capable of storing 35 terabytes of uncompressed data.

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