Fujitsu announces industry’s first use of water-based paint for Plastic Chassis ICT Equipment

Fujitsu today announced the industry’s first in development of a water-based paint for use on the plastic chassis of servers, personal computers, and other ICT equipment. This newly developed water-based paint uses two kinds of resin in a core shell structure, and tuning the volatility makes it possible to create adhesion between resin particles and enable painting at low temperatures. Use of this water-based paint cuts VOC emissions by 80% compared to conventional solvent-based paints. Also, because it does not use solvents, it lowers the use of non-renewable petroleum resources by 54%, contributing to more efficient use of resources.

The first computers in the industry to use this water-based paint are the new UNIX servers SPARC M10-4 and SPARC M10-4S, where the paint is used on their front panels. Fujitsu plans to expand the use of this kind of paint in its own products, such as servers and notebook computers, as a way to use natural resources more efficiently and reduce its environmental footprint.

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