Fujitsu announces Riskmining Navigator – a Proactive Risk Analysis Solution targeted to manufacturers

Fujitsu and Fujitsu Kyushu Systems Limited (FJQS) today announced the release of Riskmining Navigator, a software solution targeted primarily to manufacturers. The software analyzes reports of past manufacturing and design trouble that occurred on the shop floor and helps to proactively prevent product malfunctions, operator errors and accidents by visualizing trouble occurrence trends and causes.

By analyzing the causes of trouble from massive volumes of data and visualizing occurrence patterns, the new solution gives managers a heightened awareness, while also offering support in developing and implementing effective countermeasures during product design. Applying these techniques to design, manufacturing, marketing and other areas can help proactively prevent trouble, thereby increasing product quality, operator safety and marketability. The Fujitsu Riskmining Navigator software solution is available for approximately JPY 5 million ($61320).

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