Fujitsu announces Ultra Low-power 16kbit FRAM with new SON-8 small package

Fujitsu today announced the addition of a new small package to the MB85RC16, the 16kbit ultra low-power Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM) device with an I2C interface. Fujitsu has been supplying MB85RC16 with standard package SOP-8. The new SON-8 plastic LCC (Leadless Chip Carrier) package with a dimension of 3×2 mm reduces the mounting space by 80 per cent in comparison to the SOP-8 package .The combination of small footprint and ultra-low power consumption makes the MB85RC16 a perfect non-volatile memory solution for portable and sensing applications in medical and industrial segments as well as for energy harvesting applications.

Fujitsu’s MB85RC16 16kbit I2C FRAM device achieves an extremely low level of power consumption. With an active current of 70 µA (typical at 1 MHz) and standby current of 0.1 µA, it represents a maximum power saving of 98 per cent in comparison to standard EEPROM. While the low power feature contributes a great deal to extend battery lifetime for portable applications, the product’s high endurance and fast access properties enable real time data logging, which is required by a number of portable medical measurement equipments.

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