Fujitsu announces World’s first performance analysis tool that identifies root causes of performance issues in virtual environments

Fujitsu announced the development of the world’s first technology that can identify the root cause of performance problems in the widely used virtual environments that are part of the infrastructure underlying cloud computing and enterprise information systems. Up until now, when problems arose within a virtual environment, the absence of a tool to analyze the behavior of the virtual environment as a whole made it difficult to identify the root cause of slowdowns at the application or program level.

Fujitsu has developed a technology that performs overall program behavior analysis by collecting execution information from user programs in each virtual machine (VM) on the virtual platform’s hypervisor. This technology can quickly and accurately analyze performance characteristics from the hypervisor level to the OS and user programs (business applications) on the VM, thereby grasping overall behavior. This should help reduce costs by improving the efficiency of server resource utilization.

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