Fujitsu begins global launch of its Workplace-LCM Service

Fujitsu has today commenced the global launch of its Workplace-LCM Service, which optimizes ICT utilization and thoroughly supports the lifecycle of corporate end-users’ ICT equipment, from planning and acquisition to deployment, operation, equipment removal, and disposal. The service provides total outsourcing support, for a monthly fee, for all of the tasks inside a company associated with today’s increasingly diverse, multivendor ICT equipment, including procurement, deployment, day-to-day operations, and migration to the newest environments. Offered primarily in Japan since 2009, the service will now be available both in and outside Japan upon an integrated service management platform, and employing a 24-hour, multilingual service desk to support global operations.

This will enable Japanese companies that are expanding globally to standardize ICT services across all of their locations and enhance their ICT governance from the perspective of their headquarters in Japan. A new addition to the service is support for smartphones, tablets and other smart devices to help transform the ways people work and respond to the wide-ranging needs of today’s end-users. By using a globally uniform service management platform for its Workplace-LCM Service and providing service desks to support global operations, Fujitsu will be able to deliver a standardized service of high quality. Overall control of the service is conducted by global service managers with rich experience cultivated both in and outside of Japan.

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