Fujitsu City monitoring solution employing AI technology can ascertain the make of a vehicle or type of clothing someone is wearing

Fujitsu today announced development of solutions that make use of images from surveillance cameras deployed throughout a city or inside a facility, using high-speed image processing technology cultivated with its Human Centric AI Zinrai artificial intelligence and supercomputer technologies. Fujitsu Technical Computing Solution GREENAGES Citywide Surveillance software enables a real-time understanding of urban conditions, and GREENAGES Parking Analysis software for intelligent parking management. Using sophisticated AI technology in which a recognition model is built based on learning from large volumes of imaging data, and with image recognition using deep learning based on that model, Citywide Surveillance can ascertain such characteristics as the make of a vehicle or the type of clothing someone is wearing. Using distributed, high-speed image processing technology that Fujitsu refined with supercomputers, this data can be extracted from surveillance camera images in real time with high precision, enabling users to grasp the movements of vehicles or people throughout a city. GREENAGES Citywide Surveillance software solution can be widely used in facilities, such as airports, train stations, major roads, industrial parks, shopping malls, and parking garages, or in public spaces, such as in urban areas, to grasp overall conditions, prevent crime, or for other applications.

fujitsu_citywide_surveillance_airportWith Parking Analysis, the status of up to 100 parking spots per surveillance camera can be ascertained in real time. In addition, for cases where wide-area monitoring cannot be performed, such as an indoor parking garage, images can be used to count vehicles as they enter and exit, and the number of open spots in each zone can be calculated. As a result, customers who operate parking lots can use this service for a variety of objectives, including for such improved services as enabling smartphones to determine availability of open parking spaces, enhanced security by monitoring no-parking zones or cars that are parked for long periods of time, and smarter marketing, such as optimizing earnings by setting parking rates in accordance with the number of open parking spots. Both solutions will be available for sale in Japan from today.

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