Fujitsu developed high-speed data processing technology enables timely utilization of big data

Fujitsu today announced the development of high-speed data processing technology that enables the timely utilization of big data, which is ever-expanding on account of such sources as social media. Fujitsu has tackled the problem of conducting real-time analysis of huge volumes of data, increasing overall system speed by a factor of five. An example of a real-world application of this technology could be the distribution of information to multiple users on a moving train. Based on the train’s location obtained from the locational information on the mobile devices of the train’s passengers, this technology could quickly offer any number of users information that they would find useful, such as a list of nearby shops or restaurants that have been trending for the past several minutes.

Fujitsu has developed a technology that increases overall system performance by creating a close link between the data-analysis software running on the server and the data-management software that handles the data-storage process, then varying the volume of data being processed at any one time in response to the frequency of processing requests from the data-analysis side. Even when there is a sharp increase in people accessing the server, high-speed analyses can still be performed.

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