Fujitsu develops a cost-effective optical transceiver that double data transmission speeds to 25 Gbps

Fujitsu today announced the development of a compact, cost-effective optical transceiver, a necessary step toward developing optical interconnects for high-speed, high-bandwidth data transmission among CPUs in the next generation of servers. The data rate and space available for mounting the optical transceivers in use today are obstacles in the way of making future high-performance servers a reality. Fujitsu Laboratories therefore achieved improvements on the driver IC circuit and module packaging structures, enabling transfer speeds of 25 Gbps over each channel in next-generation interconnects, a necessary step toward doubling conventional transmission rates.

This technology enables high-speed, high-bandwidth data communications among CPUs in a server, and between CPUs and peripheral devices. This also marks a significant step toward the improved performance that future supercomputers and high-performance servers will demand.

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