Fujitsu develops Network virtualization products based on principles of SDN

Fujitsu today announced the development of FUJITSU Intelligent Networking and Computing Architecture, a new architecture for network-wide ICT platform optimization based on the principles of software defined networking (SDN). The new architecture employs a software-based approach to intelligently and flexibly enable optimized control over three unique ICT domains: datacenters, wide area networks, and smart devices. In doing so, it extends the core concepts of SDN beyond networks to the entire ICT platform.

Fujitsu_Converged Fabric Switch
The newly developed FUJITSU Intelligent Networking and Computing Architecture can virtualize resources in three ICT areas – datacenters, wide area networks, and smart devices – each of which features different characteristics and requirements. By administering and controlling these virtualized resources on two layers, a virtual infrastructure layer and a distributed service platform layer, the technology is able to achieve optimal service levels while improving the quality of experience for the end user.
In the initial phase, Fujitsu will be offering the following products based on this architecture starting today: an updated version of unified administration and control software for server, storage and network resources, a new switch that supports network virtualization, and a new virtual appliance platform. Going forward, Fujitsu plans to develop additional solutions based on FUJITSU Intelligent Networking and Computing Architecture, including solutions in the wide area network and smart device areas that incorporate industry-standard open interfaces.
fujitsu_Network IPCOM VX Series

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