Fujitsu develops New Distributed Processing Technology to Efficiently Collect Desired Data from Big Data Streams

Fujitsu Laboratories today announced the world’s first successful development of a distributed processing technology that efficiently collects enormous volumes of real-world data in the cloud through network-linked gateways. Services that collect and employ huge volumes of real-world data in the cloud—such as the location and health status of people and the status of different operations—are now expanding, and the increase in communications volumes associated with collecting this data poses a huge challenge. To address this problem, Fujitsu Laboratories has developed an algorithm that takes a portion of the data that would otherwise be processed in the cloud and instead performs optimized distributed arrangement in a gateway.

Using this technology, it is possible to efficiently collect in the cloud only the data required from the big data streams being processed through the gateway, enabling a 99% reduction in transmission traffic volumes. As a result, huge volumes of real-world data can easily be used in the cloud while holding down communications costs. It is therefore hoped that this development will contribute to bringing about a human-centric intelligent society.

With this technology, administrators using systems that handle big data can, without even having to be conscious of gateways, have processing tasks that had been performed in the cloud be automatically performed through distributed processing, with communications traffic volumes cut by 99%. As a result, cloud services employing huge volumes of real-world data can operate while holding down communications costs. For this reason, by offering a detailed service that can address situations with regard to people and environment, it is hoped that a contribution can be made to the realization of a human-centric intelligent society.

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