Fujitsu develops technologies that protects the privacy of sensor data

Fujitsu has developed technologies that protect the privacy of sensor data—such as data from intelligent home appliances and location data—starting from the data collection stage to utilization of the analytic results. Protection of such data is vital, as with its increasing utilization data leaks and other breaches of privacy have become a worrisome social issue. These technologies consist of: Partial decryption technology and Anonymous access technology.

Partial decryption technology takes encrypted sensor data and masks a portion of it, replaces the user ID to an anonymous ID, or converts the encryption key, while maintaining encryption.

Anonymous access technology ,users, without divulging their ID to the utilization service, are able to receive their own analytic results from the utilization service.
These technologies enable users to effectively control their private data within the pool of sensor data so that it is safe to use third-party contractors to handle the processing involved in data utilization.

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