Fujitsu develops technology that automatically reduces radio wave interference for LTE Home Femtocells

fujitsu_BroadOne LTE FemtocellFujitsu today announced development of technology that automatically reduces radio wave interference by detecting the environment around a femtocell to enable high-speed, high-quality indoor wireless communications. Until now, when one femtocell was near either another femtocell or an outdoor macrocell base station, radio wave interference would distort communication signals. Fujitsu has now developed technology that enables the femtocell to detect its surroundings and automatically adjust the timing, transmission power, and transmission frequency band to reduce radio wave interference. In simulations, it was confirmed that this technology approximately doubles communication speeds in cases where there is significant radio wave interference, as compared to previous technology.

In home wireless environments, this technology will enable high-resolution video streams and allow applications such as online games to run smoothly.

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