Fujitsu develops world’s fastest quantum computer simulator

Fujitsu has successfully developed the world’s fastest quantum computer simulator capable of handling 36 qubit quantum circuits on a cluster system featuring Fujitsu’s FUJITSU Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX 700, which is equipped with the same A64FX CPU that powers the world’s fastest supercomputer, Fugaku. The newly developed quantum simulator can execute the quantum simulator software Qulacs in parallel at high speed, achieving approximately double the performance of other significant quantum simulators in 36 qubit quantum operations.

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Fujitsu A64FX CPUis world’s first processor to implement the Scalable Vector Extension (SVE), an extension of the Armv8.2-A instruction set architecture for supercomputers. It has 48 operation cores, delivering a theoretical peak performance of maximum 3.3792 TFLOPS for double-precision floating-point calculations. In addition, single precision/half precision floating-point arithmetic and 8 bit/16 bit integer arithmetic can be performed with high throughput by SIMD of 512 bit width, which is highly effective in AI and other processing.

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Qulacs is one of the world’s fastest quantum simulator software developed by Osaka University and QunaSys Corporation. Fujitsu’s new quantum simulator will serve as an important bridge towards the development of quantum computing applications that are expected to be put to practical use in the years ahead. Based on this breakthrough, from April 1, 2022, Fujitsu and Fujifilm will start joint research on quantum computing applications in the field of materials science.