Fujitsu Develops World’s First Encryption Technology Able to Match Multi-Source Data Encrypted with Different Keys

Fujitsu_encrypted_matchingFujitsu today announced development of the world’s first encryption technology that can match IDs or attribute values in information sources, such as classified or private data from multiple organizations that are encrypted with different keys, without decrypting the information. With previous encryption technologies that could search and compute data while still encrypted, encryption and decryption of search results used the same key, creating issues when used among organizations.

Fujitsu_encrypted_matching_2016Fujitsu Laboratories and Fujitsu Laboratories of America developed an encryption technology that can match the data of various organizations that was encrypted with different keys, and can determine the results of this matching for a specified group of organizations. Data cannot be decrypted with the key used for matching, so sensitive information from multiple organizations can be matched in a cloud environment while preserving confidentiality, such as in linking examination information and diagnosis records among multiple hospitals, for example.

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