Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform/S5 Wins Green IT Award

Fujitsu today announced that, as part of the Green IT Awards 2012 presented by Japan’s Green IT Promotion Council, it has received the Commerce and Information Policy Bureau Director-General Award in the category of Savings in Society’s Energy Consumption by IT for its public cloud service, Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform/S5 (FGCP/S5). The award was presented in recognition of the lower energy usage enabled by the global expansion of FGCP/S5 and its innovative service model.

The FGCP/S5 service involves virtual servers, and as such it offers customers the same level of security and reliability as dedicated physical servers. Since the expansion of the service to six locations around the world (Japan, Australia, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany) in June 2011, it has made a significant contribution to reducing energy usage on a global basis, decreasing the volume of CO2 emissions by approximately thirty thousand tons per year, while also reducing the space required for ICT resources.

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