Fujitsu Glovia/Process C1 a Core Business System for the Processing Industry announced

Fujitsu and Fujitsu Systems East today commenced sales of a newly enhanced version of Glovia/Process C1, a core business system for customers in the processing industry who handle goods such as chemicals, petroleum and food products. GLOVIA/Process C1 is a core business system tailored to the processing industry that provides managerial support to companies by overseeing sales, procurement, production, inventories and costs. In addition to offering cloud environment support, the latest version, which is geared toward global business expansion, also supports multiple languages and features improved operability.

As a result, the new Fujitsu Glovia/Process C1 solution provides assistance for corporate governance and managerial decision-making applications, including those involving group companies, while also helping companies to implement global operations aimed at overseas development.

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