Fujitsu Launches New Akisai Cloud for the Food and Agricultural Industries

Fujitsu today announced the launch of its new Akisai cloud for the food and agricultural industries, which will be available from October of this year. Based on Fujitsu’s field testing over the past three years on the use of ICT on the front lines of agriculture, the Akisai cloud achieves rapid improvements in the efficiency of agricultural management by employing ICT.

With the concept of utilizing ICT to ensure plentiful food supplies in the future, Fujitsu’s new service is the first of its kind worldwide that has been designed to provide comprehensive support to all aspects of agricultural management, such as for administration, production, and sales in open field cultivation of rice and vegetables, horticulture, and in animal husbandry. With the on-site utilization of ICT as a starting point, the service aims to connect distributors, agricultural regions, and consumers through an enhanced value chain.

Beginning in October, as the initial stage in its release, Fujitsu will provide an SaaS-based solution for agricultural production management, which is designed to support management in both agriculture and food-related industries, while also offering an innovation support service that promotes on-site ICT utilization and supports systematic management practices in farms. These services allow farmers to visualize the entire production process, while enabling management leading to revenue growth through utilizing comprehensive data. Food-related companies, such as food processors, wholesalers, retailers, and restaurants, will also be able to establish a process for regulating supply and demand adjustments as well as quality control with their contracted producers.The name Akisai is a coined word that was created through a conjunction of the Japanese words for autumn, which is the harvest season, and coloration, for the different colors found on fruits and vegetable during that season.

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