Fujitsu Launches the ESPRIMO N5280FA Long-Life Server

Fujitsu today announced the immediate availability of the ESPRIMO N5280FA long-life server, available in two maintenance contracts of different lengths, for up to ten years. Industrial systems, such as factory automation and material-handling systems, and emergency-dispatch systems used by police, fire, emergency medical services, and other public infrastructure all rely on products that can remain in service, operate continuously, and be maintained for long periods of time. Fujitsu is building on this experience with the debut of the new long-life server.

Fujitsu ESPRIMO N5280FA long-life server incorporates Intel’s Embedded CPU and Microsoft’s Embedded OS, both time-tested products that have been used in industrial instrumentation and detection equipment, as well as river and dam monitoring and intelligent traffic systems. Fujitsu ESPRIMO N5280FA long-life server with 5 years contract is available for approximately 748,000 Yen ($8900) and with 10 years long-term contract for 980,000 Yen ($11,660) in Japan.
Product Features:
CPU and OS with long-term availability:- The CPU is the 2nd Generation Intel Core i3 Processor, which excels both in raw performance and cost/performance. Having Windows Server 2008 for Embedded System Standard (32-bit) preinstalled enables high performance and long-term availabilityEnsures high reliability:
The server uses a 2.5″ HDD rated for 24-hour continuous operation, with higher reliability than the 3.5″ HDD that would typically be used. This increases cooling efficiency, improves the HDD’s operating conditions, and has 2.2 times the lifespan of a conventional HDD.
Overall system reliability enhanced through use of ECC memory:
The server uses DDR3 SDRAM (PC3-10600/ECC) for high-speed memory, and with error checking and correction (ECC), memory errors are automatically detected and corrected to improve overall system reliability.
Equipped with Long-life power supply that complies with Medical electrical equipment standard for electromagnetic compatibility:
The custom power supply incorporates long-life parts, such as the aluminum electrolytic capacitors and cooling fan. This power supply also complies with Medical electrical equipment standard for electromagnetic compatibility(Medical electrical equipment – Part 1-2: General requirements for safety – Collateral standard: Electromagnetic compatibility) for power flickers (during flickers, voltage is held for 100 ms for dips to 60%), and meets industrial requirements for handling voltage and frequency fluctuations as well as noise tolerance.
Mirrored disk included as standard equipment for increased reliability : ;
To safeguard data and ensure stable system operations, a mirrored disk is included as standard equipment. The system is configured as a high-reliability hardware RAID (RAID Level 1), which is not dependent on the operating system.

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