Fujitsu launches world’s slimmest water- and dust-resistant tablet running Windows 8 in Japan

Fujitsu today announced the immediate release in Japan of its new ARROWS Tab Q582/F water-resistant tablet for enterprise customers. The ARROWS Tab Q582/F with latest Intel Atom Processor is the world’s slimmest water- and dust-resistant tablet running Windows 8. In addition, it runs on the ultra-high-speed Xi communications network to meets user needs in a variety of different types of work. Running on the Xi communications network, the new model is capable of ultra-high-speed communications. Receiving speeds of up to 75Mbps and transmitting speeds of up to 25Mbps are possible simply by inserting a docomo User Identity Module (UIM) card that is contracted for the Xi service into the UIM card slot.
If users are outside the Xi service area but within the FOMA service area, they can still enjoy communications at receiving speeds of up to 14Mbps and transmitting speeds of up to 5.7Mbps. The ARROWS Tab Q582/F has a thickness of just 9.9mm and weighs approximately 584g, making it the world’s slimmest water-resistant tablet running Windows 8. The Tablet features an extended battery life of up to approximately 10.3 hours and employs an IPS LCD display that enables a clear, crisp picture with a wide viewing angle even when the device is tilted.

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