Fujitsu unveils World’s smallest, slimmest and lightest contact-free vein authentication sensor

fujitsuFujitsu today announced a practical version of the world’s smallest, slimmest and lightest contact-free vein authentication sensor. There are a multitude of vein authentication devices in the market, including those for the finger or back of the hand, but the newly developed sensor is unique for its compact form factor, being 5.2 mm thinner and 56% lighter than conventional sensors. At approximately 4.0 g, the size has been reduced to a 25.0 mm width, a 25.0 mm depth, and a height of 6.0 mm. This makes it easier to incorporate into a broader range of electronic devices, including the thinnest of today’s notebook PCs and tablets. This, in turn, helps to expand the range of potential applications for palm vein authentication.

palmsecureWith the inclusion of a feature that continuously captures palm vein images, instantly pick out the best image for authentication, and automatically verify. This allows users to perform authentication by simply placing their palm lightly over the sensor for high accuracy and convenience. To facilitate integration with older versions of PalmSecure and to help users migrate to the new technology, Fujitsu has ensured compatibility with older generations while preserving the same usability, including continuous image capture and automatic verification functionality.To enable biometric authentication to be utilized in a wider range of locations and circumstances, Fujitsu has sought both robust security and superior user-friendliness for its palm vein authentication technology.

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