Fujitsu Begins Shipping Japan’s Next-Generation Supercomputer-K computer

Fujitsu began shipping the computing units for Japan’s Next-Generation Supercomputer, nicknamed the K computer. The Fujitsu supercomputer is a central part of the High-Performance Computing Infrastructure (HPCI) initiative led by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and is being jointly developed with RIKEN, an independent research institution funded by the Japanese government. The supercomputing system will be comprised of more than 800 computer racks, each installed with ultrafast CPUs, in a massively interconnected network, crystallizing Fujitsu’s leading-edge technologies for high performance and high reliability.

The system is being delivered to the Kobe-based computational science research facility of RIKEN and is expected to begin operations in autumn 2012 following the installation and tuning process. The super computers are built at Fujitsu Group’s high-end server manufacturing company located in Ishikawa Prefecture, central Japan.