Fujitsu Engineering Cloud to support the manufacturing sector

Fujitsu today announced its Engineering Cloud concept, a next-generation manufacturing environment offered in the form of cloud-based services from Fujitsu’s datacenters. The Engineering Cloud will support the manufacturing sector with a combination of Fujitsu’s own engineering-support software—CAD and analytic software, as well as parts database software—with a suite of new services to transform the manufacturing process. Fujitsu’s Engineering Cloud uses some of the world’s most advanced high-speed image compression technology, known as RVEC, which was developed by Fujitsu Laboratories and successfully commercialized by Fujitsu Advanced Technologies. RVEC makes it possible to efficiently consolidate applications and high-volume data formats, such as design data, on a cloud platform.

The Engineering Cloud will provide customers access to these services anywhere and anytime, without PC environment concerns, and without necessitating any special set-up beforehand. This promises to greatly reduce manufacturing costs and development times. Beginning in October 2011, the company will start to roll out these services.