Fujitsu introduces 20-port 10Gbps Ethernet switch IC

Fujitsu have introduced the 20-port, 10Gbps Ethernet (10GbE) switch IC, the MB8AA3020, designed to meet the performance demands of high-density backplane switching for advanced TCA (ATCA) and micro TCA, blade server, and data center applications. The new 20-port 10GbE switch chip delivers 400+Gbps, non-blocking, aggregate switching bandwidth through 3 Mbytes of proprietary, multi-stream shared buffer memory, with on-chip 10Gbps serial SerDes. The 20-port chip provides eight priority classifications per port, enabling priority switching based on DiffServ, MAC address, VLANs, extended VLANs and ports. In addition, the MB8AA3020 provides data center and carrier-grade Ethernet features like priority PAUSE, backward congestion notification and early-packet-drop capabilities for congestion management.

In addition to the standard 4K VLAN and QinQ capabilities, the new chip provides 64 extended VLAN addresses, which can be used to logically partition operator networks without QinQ. The layer-2 capabilities are further enriched by IGMP and MLD snooping, as well as by DiffServ for both IPv4 and IPv6.