Fujitsu Launches Cloud Transition Service for Business Systems in Japan

Fujitsu today announced the immediate availability in Japan of APM Modernization Services for the Cloud, an array of services to help customers transition their business systems, such as those for human resources and accounting, to the cloud. Fujitsu will analyze the Japanese customer’s ICT infrastructure, as well as its business and other applications, to evaluate whether or not the customer’s current business systems are fit for cloud computing. If so, Fujitsu will recommend which type of cloud computing would be most appropriate and then support the transition of the customer’s systems to a cloud environment. The company will also manage the development of cloud-based business systems, in addition to operations and maintenance.

Through this process, Japanese customers can determine which of their business systems are best maintained internally and which systems are most suitable for outsourcing. Furthermore, customers are able to effortlessly employ cloud computing, enabling the companywide optimization of ICT system resources. As well, operations and maintenance are handled on the cloud, thereby cutting overall costs and providing customers with an ICT system that they can confidently rely on for their long-term needs.