Fujitsu launches ultra-compact thermal Kiosk Printer

Fujitsu America has released a new medium duty, ultra-compact thermal printer unit that can be easily configured for a variety of kiosk, ATM, receipt, label or ticket issuing applications. The Fujitsu FTP-639USL100-R printer module features an auto paper feed and built-in paper guide. An adjustable paper holder arm maximizes installation options. The arm can be extended lengthwise to accommodate different size paper up to 6-inches in diameter and raised or lowered to allow different mounting configurations. A fixed paper holder module is also available for large diameter paper rolls up to 10 inches. The FTP-639USL100-R printer automatically alerts for head temperature, paper out mark detect, platen open and near end paper. LEDs indicate power or error status

The FTP-639USL100-R series measures a compact, 112(W) x 100(D) x 80(H) mm and consists of a 3-inch printer mechanism with an integrated auto cutter. It features variable speed rates of 50, 80, 125 or 200mm per second.The cutter can perform either full or partial cuts, and the receipt length can vary from 50 to 250mm. The printer has an operating life of 100km or 500,000 cuts, and an operating temperature range of -20 to +60 degrees C. Available immediately, the FTP-639USL100-R series is priced at $225 at 1,000 pieces.