Fujitsu MB39C308 High-Efficiency Power-Management IC for Ultra-Mobile PCs

Fujitsu today announced the development of a one-chip system power management IC for ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs). The new device, the MB39C308, is designed to supply power to the system, memory, and chipsets in UMPCs. As an industry first for one-chip integration, the Fujitsu MB39C308 complies with the upcoming version of the Low Power Intel Architecture (LPIA) specification proposed by Intel Corporation as a low-power platform for UMPCs. The MB39C308 also meets the next-generation LPIA platform requirement of a six-channel DC/DC converter control circuit, while integrating other peripheral components onto the chip. This enables the power management system to be reduced to less than one-third the size of other similar products. The increased efficiency of the new device’s power supply is a major factor in extending the operating time of the UMPC battery.

Samples of the Fujitsu MB39C308, packaged in 208-pin BGAs, will be available in November with prices starting at $9 each.