Fujitsu MHX2300BT World’s First 300 GB 2.5″ SATA Hard Disk Drive

Fujitsu Limited today announced the development of the world’s first 2.5″ hard disk drive MHX2300BT that offers storage capacity of 300 gigabytes (GB) with a Serial ATA(1) interface. Featuring the highest storage capacity in the 2.5″ class, it will be available on a global basis for use primarily in multifunctional mobile PCs and digital TVs. Fujitsu MHX2300BT marks the commercial introduction of second generation of perpendicular magnetic recording technology. The new hard disk drive will be offered in 300 GB, the highest storage capacity available in 2.5″ hard disk drives, and 250 GB versions, offering the capacity needed to store terrestrial broadcasting digital TV videos. This level of capacity makes these hard disk drives suitable alternatives to the 3.5″drives typically found in desktop PCs, and their small size makes them especially well-suited to flat-panel TVs with built-in recorders. Fujitsu began selling hard disk drives with perpendicular magnetic recording in October of this year.

Fujitsu launched high-capacity 2.5″ hard disk drives160 GB in September 2005 and 200 GB in May 2006.The new hard disk drives are the RoHS compliant and have read/write power consumption requirements of just 1.6 W, among the lowest in the world, making them environmentally-friendly products. The new Fujitsu hard disk drive MHX2300BT are exceptionally quiet and will be available in late February 2007.