Fujitsu Si-R G100 Gigabit Access Router supports virtual private network connections as fast as 440 Mbps

Fujitsu today announced the release of the Si-R G100, a gigabit access router. It is the latest model in Fujitsu’s Si-R G series of IP access routers for building corporate network systems. Despite its modest price of JPY 79,000 ($1033), the new router supports virtual private network connections as fast as 440 Mbps, enabling it to accommodate high-speed WAN services in excess of 100 Mbps, such as FLET’S Hikari Next or au Hikari. Moreover, it can also accommodate LTE and other high-speed wireless WAN services with a data communication card (sold separately) for quick set up of virtual networks at temporary offices or event venues. It is also ideal for systems that need high-speed back-up lines to connect branch offices. Fujitsu Si-R G100 supports external media start function that enable network set-up without a PC by simply plugging in a USB memory stick that contains the software and configuration specifications. These functions allow quick set-up when initially deploying a branch office router or when equipment needs to be replaced due to an equipment failure.

Fujitsu Si-R G100, a smaller version of the Si-R G200 introduced in May of this year, is designed to be lightweight and compact with low operating noise. This makes it ideal for small offices to set up a network environment where it can even be used on a desktop. The Fujitsu Si-R G100 Gigabit Access Router will be available from November 30, 2011 for approximately 70,000 yen ($1033).