Fujitsu’s PalmSecure Biometric Palm Vein Authentication Deployed by Aderans

palmsecure.jpgFujitsu Limited today announced that Aderans Co., Ltd., a major Japanese hair care company, will deploy Fujitsu’s PalmSecure contactless biometric palm vein authentication system for the PC log-in system for computers used by staff at Aderans branches throughout Japan. At Aderans, due to the fact that the company’s internal information system handles sensitive customer data, the company sought advanced high-level security measures for system log-in, beyond merely employee IDs and passwords. In addition, because the system would be accessed from the Aderans 172 branches throughout Japan by roughly 2000 employees who use various products – such as shampoos, hair regeneration formulas, and other liquid hair care products – that can affect the skin condition of their hands in their daily work with customers, the company required a biometric authentication system that would function properly well with minimal impact from temperatures or the condition of the skin of employee’s hands. Thus, Aderans chose to deploy a PC log-in system that uses Fujitsu’s PalmSecure, which offers advanced biometric security, with minimal impact from various skin conditions of hands.

Fujitsu’s PalmSecure system’s high verification accuracy – a false acceptance rate of less than 0.00008% and false rejection rate of 0.01% – enable PalmSecure to provide highly secure and reliable personal identity verification. Aderans Co. Ltd. is Japan’s most trusted brand of custom-made hair replacement products and hair-related services for men and women. Founded in 1969, Aderans’ mission is to alleviate whatever concerns people may have about hair loss, regardless the cause or degree. Today, Aderans heads 31 group companies worldwide with a workforce of more than 5,400 people, serving global customers in Asia, Europe and the USA.