Gecube Gemini 3 world 1st dual-GPU Radeon HD2600XT X2 graphics card with 1Gbyte memory

Gecube HD2600XT X2 Gemini 3 with 1Gbyte of GDDR2 high speed on-board memory delivers a remarkable combination of DirectX 10 gaming performance and hardware processed 1080p video based on the top performance of the ATI Radeon HD2600XT family with the most impressive games experience. The Gemini HD2600XT X2 also has built-in HDMI with HDCP decode to deliver crispy high definition video to supports the latest UVD (Universal Video Decoder) video processing technology. This means 1080p/1080i (HD2600XT), Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are all supported, not only making the resulting images more detailed and realistic but also ensuring that your computer stays cool and quiet during the decoding process. The Gemini HD2600XT X2 supports big-screen HDMI TVs via DVI to ATI exclusive HDMI dongle including built-in 5.1 surround audio and HD Video to enjoy Blu-ray and HD DVD movies playback or S-Video analog port for HDTVs.

The Gemini 3 RADEON HD2600XT X2 series PCI-Express X16 cards is available with 512Mbyte on-board memory for approximately $259 and with 1Gbyte on-board memory for $279.