Ghost detecting USB drive

It’s the world’s first ghost detector with built-in USB memory. Whenever a paranormal event occurs, it is said that there’s a slight variation in the magnetic field. The GhostRadar USB drive detects these physical changes, so that ghosts (unknown bodies of energy) can be detected. In order to boost the accuracy of detection, a bio-clock is built-in with criterion for time elements for repetitive paranormal activity such as the witching hour, new moon and full moon. When a ghost is detected, sounds will play plus patterns from a 16 light LED display will flash. There’s also an attachable protective amulet when for the magnetic field sensor.

The GhostRadar comes in two colors, black and white. There are three sizes of built-in memory: 128MB, 256MB and 512MB.
It measures H90mm x W58mm x D20mm and weighs 37 grams.
The 128 MB Ghostradar is available at for $ 119